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Welcome to, one of the largest and most popular American Singer canary sites on the web!


This site  is far and away one of the most information - packed sites you will find dedicated exclusively to American Singers. Take your time and explore as new things are added frequently.


This website is primarily a "hobby site" and in the words of one of my bird buddies, a labor of love. I am not an expert of any kind- I simply wish to share what I have learned through my own experiences, research, and from the teaching of a number of experienced fanciers I have been privileged to befriend.

Feel free to relax and enjoy your stay here at the Happy Home Aviary.


Want to know what is going on in the bird room right now? Check out my blog.


For information on the newest additions to the website, be sure to check the What's New page.


For information on the national American Singers Club, Inc, please visit this page.


The American Singer Canary

American Singer canaries are a type of song canary developed in the United States which has been bred for willingness to sing freely, melodious and varied song, and outgoing personality.  

First developed in the 1930's by a group of women in the Boston, Massachusetts area, American Singer canaries have become one of the most popular breeds of canaries in the United States. A cross between the Border type canary and the Roller song canary, the American Singer possesses the best traits of both breeds- the musical song of the Roller and the pleasing looks of the Border. Its song is louder in volume than the Roller, but softer than the Border.


Over the past 70 years, dedicated American Singer canary breeders have made great strides in the

development of the breed. The resulting improvements in song have produced the Singers of today

which are noteworthy for high quality song. The sometimes loud and brash American Singers of yesteryear have been replaced with songsters who display the remarkable variety, melodiousness, and - above all- outstanding freedom for which the American Singer canary is prized.



For interesting historical snippets about the American Singer canary fancy, check out the new Snippets page on the ASC Chapter 22 (DRAGON) website.


Be sure to check out the DRAGON website at as there is a considerable amount of educational material about American Singer canaries included on that site as well.



Want to hear American Singer song?  Click the smiley to check out this link

to a great example of AS song  


I have male singers and hens available for sale for pets or breeding stock. This is some of the finest American Singer canary stock in Michigan. If interested, please contact me soon as the birds will sell quickly.


Please contact me at after reading the information located on the

Available Birds page.


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